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We have had an excellent experience with the company. Paul has consistently been creative and correct in finding solutions to various challenges , including roof issues, basement flooding and many other issues. On Paul's own volition, they aided us and many other clients during the ice storm , an indication the lengths they will go to provide excellent service . It has been a pleasure to deal with such honourable contractors.


Samantha and Ronald Lloyd

Devere Avenue

Approximately 2 years ago we had two major bathroom renovations done for us by Liam Argyris and Paul Clinkard. They came to us highly recommended by a number of friends. We initially only planned to do one bathroom but they were so great to work with - professional, clean, great trades people, offered creative solutions, on time and on budget - that we went on to do the 2nd bathroom. The work spanned approximately 3 months from start to finish. Everything looks - and works - great! Since that time we have had occasion to call on Paul to assist us with things beyond the scope of the renos they did for us. He has consistently arrived with a smile, happy to help with whatever we have needed. We are pleased to act as a reference for the fine quality work this team produces and will use them for all our future projects!


Kathy and John Tevlin

Castlefield Avenue

We recently moved into our new home on Castlefield Avenue after 23 years at our previous home in Leaside. Paul and Liam were recommended to us, but we also did our due diligence and called in other companies . Right off the bat, the quote process was clear, concise, thorough and professional. They completed the work on time and on budget. If there were any changes to the schedule, Paul would let us know and if we had any questions, he was a phone call away. A year later we are delighted with their work, and highly recommend them to others!


Chip and Virginia Aikenhead

Walmer Road

It is our pleasure to write a recommendation on behalf of Argyris and Clinkard Fine Homes Inc.  The company recently completed a large and complicated renovation for our turn of the century home.  The fact that this is a relatively new business belies the extensive individual experience that its principals bring to it.  This is a company whose hallmarks are service, integrity and craftsmanship.  Liam Argyris and Paul Clinkard elevate the business of home remodelling to a higher level, particularly in respect of the contractor-client relationship.  Their approach involves active and enthusiastic collaboration and problem-solving.  Rather than shying away from unusual or inventive details, they embrace them.  Paul and Liam approached our home remodel not just as a job, but as a matter of personal pride.  And they backed this up with a group of first-rate sub-trades.  It was a pleasure to work with them and we would have no hesitation in doing so again.


Phil Mass and Ilene Golvin

Buckingham Ave

After 11 years of periodic leaking and numerous repair crews, I was given the name of Argyris and Clinkard Inc by the Baker Street Home Inspectors, and I couldn't be happier with their work, their service and their attitude. I was living a nightmare with a leaking deck over my kitchen and family room and after spending a ridiculous amount of money with various service organizations, none were able to find the root of the problem. Paul Clinkard and Liam Argyris analyzed the situation and provided me with a recommendation, firm quote and guarantee of satisfaction. They did the work in a thorough and timely manner, and I am confident that the nightmare is over.


C. Innes

Cheltenham Avenue

Paul and Liam are invested in this business for the long term. They provide an exceptional level of service and are committed to the highest standard of work which they deliver on time and on budget. We found them to be a delight to deal with; very personable and very professional. We have recommended them to friends who have been similarly impressed with the quality of work they deliver and the kind of people they are.


Jeff and Heather Glass

Glencairn Avenue

Paul Clinkard, Liam Argyris and their team do excellent work.  They are trustworthy, transparent, and communicate on a timely basis about progress on projects.  They deploy leading edge creative solutions, and understand the need for high quality, long lasting results designed to brave our climate, the elements and aesthetics.  We are very pleased with their work and would refer them to friends or anyone asking, in a nanosecond! They totally ‘get it’. We think they are terrific!


Carol Mitchell and Richard Venn

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